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The absolute ultimate in luxury travel, our grand Safari offers the excitement and glamour of the African bush together with a romantic and indulgent itinerary featuring the most exclusive and luxurious resorts in Kenya. Even the extravagance of the hot-air balloon safari is included. And an unprecedented seven nights in the wilderness makes travel between reserves a memorable holiday like no other.


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Welcome to Nairobi, a city experiencing a Renaissance in art and culture. Your Safari Director meets you at the airport and whisks you to Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel.


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A presentation by our safari director, and we’re off to the recently renovated National Museum, a compelling collection of history, culture, wildlife and art exhibits and a superb introduction to this proud nation. The day continues to the former home of author Karen Blixen of Out of Africa fame, and a stop at Giraffe Centre to learn about endangered Rothschild giraffes during a private lecture. We’ll feel officially welcomed to Africa over a delightful lunch or dinner at the Carnivore Restaurant, said to be the best eating experience in East Africa.


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This morning we drive through the scenic Athi Plains and into the bush country of Amboseli Park. Nestled in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli is home to the legendary Maasai tribesmen and is world-famous for its tremendous variety of big game. A spectacular game run is planned. We stay tonight at the idyllically rustic Tortilis Tented Camp. Kilimanjaro dominates the view from every direction…animals are seen browsing in the grasses and drinking at the waterhole directly outside. And, nestled comfortably under huge spreading acacia trees are the thatch-covered tents. The luxurious tents are spacious and each has a private veranda from which to enjoy the view, as well as an en suite bathroom with plenty of hot water. Of the fifteen tents, not one sees another; it is as if you were alone here in this peaceful Eden. Dinner at Tortilis is exceptionally good-fresh and delightful, with vegetables and herbs grown right at the camp. Truly special, you are sure to revel in the experience of sleeping under canvas and waking to the beauty of Amboseli.


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Amboseli is big game country: elephant, antelope, zebra, wildebeest, buffalo and giraffe. Two game runs are planned today, both of which will introduce you to the intense beauty and drama that fill each day here. Predators stalk the herds of grazing animals, recreating the age-old drama of life and death under the African sun, in a lushly beautiful setting. We return to Tortilis for a steaming bath, cocktails and a sumptuous dinner. Very quickly we are ready for a deep evening slumber in the luxurious tents that enfold us like silken cocoons.



Today we drive via Nairobi to the luxurious Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club. Sprawled on the slopes of majestic Mount Kenya, this historic private club was perhaps the first in Africa to offer travelers the ultimate in refined elegance and luxury. All of the amenities that we would expect from such an establishment are here including riding stables, golf, croquet, trout streams, tennis and a health club. While lounging at the pool, one may indulge the senses in an endless display of beauty, from the towering snow-capped mountain to the kaleidoscope of colors that surround you in a sea of gorgeous flowers. Over the years the club has been a second home to legions of internationally renowned members and guests. Sir Winston Churchill, the Duke of Manchester, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, numerous American presidents and Lord Mountbatten have enjoyed its pleasures alongside founding members William Holden, Clark Gable and John Wayne. Fine dining, gracious hospitality and excellent service are sure to be highlights of our stay, in addition to a splendid room with a tremendous view. Our travelers are afforded only the finest at the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club thanks to its long-standing relationship with Travel House.



Today we enjoy a game drive to the secluded heart of Ol Pejeta Ranch and Rhino Reserve. Here at the reserve these magnificent beasts are given sanctuary from those who would take their lives in order to sell their horns. And here too, the Jane Goodall Institute runs the Chimpanzee Sanctuary, where you will truly enjoy meeting the primates face-to-face. The reserve provides a fascinating opportunity to study and learn about the rhinos, and to experience them up close. Ol Pejeta Ranch overlooks one of the busiest waterholes in the area…elephant, giraffe, waterbuck, gazelle and the big cats all come here to drink. It is fascinating to see the variety of plains game that risk receiving too much notice from a predator in order to enjoy the bounty of the waters! We return to the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club for another superb dinner and dream laden evening’s sleep.



This morning we drive through the Great Rift Valley, making a stop at the Thomson Fall to Capture this attraction. Lunch at the Thomson Falls Lodge. We then drive through the coffee and tea plantation, arriving at Mbweha Camp in the late afternoon. Dinner and overnight at this Luxury Camp.



We depart for Maasai Mara after breakfast to arrive in time for lunch. It is here where the Africa of your dreams lies! A country of rolling grasslands, dense thickets and groves of acacia woodland, the Mara is home to an incredible variety of wildlife. Deep forest grows along the Mara River and its tributaries, where many hippos and crocodiles bask lazily in the sunlight. Here we find the largest population of lions in Africa, warily eyed by their neighbors, the stunning Coke’s hartebeest, large herds of topi and the stately Cape buffalo. Black rhino are also to be found. Huge herds of elephant often block the roads. Glorious creatures are so bountiful that it is difficult to decide where to look first! This is also the home of the Maasai people. The Maasai guarding his cattle is an enduring and proud figure across the plains of East Africa. Livestock represents status, wealth and livelihood to these ancient people. Here we will also enjoy a visit to a Maasai village, learning about their tribal social systems, customs and the place of the Maasai in today’s Africa. Residents live in a “manyatta” or village, much as they have for centuries and we will have an opportunity to see the interior of these mud-hut homes, spotless and unadorned, contrasted with the Maasai themselves, bedecked with brilliantly coloured beads and cloths. The warmth and hospitality of the people once considered fierce warriors will touch your heart. As will your accommodations tonight at the utterly glorious Bateleur Camp or equally stunning Governor’s Il Moran Camp



Today we see the Mara not only from the ground, but from the air, as we take an early morning hot-air balloon safari. It is our pleasure to invite you on this amazing journey as our guest. You will drift serenely over the great herds as birds of prey swoop past. Elephants and giraffe cast a curious glance your way. The beauty of the wilderness as seen from the early morning African sky is an unparalleled experience. Upon our descent, a sumptuous champagne breakfast is served on the plains that you just so recently observed from your perch high above.

This afternoon an extensive game run is planned. The sheer enormity of the Maasai Mara offers endless opportunities for excitement, including one of the most glorious evening events of the safari-sundowners on the Mara Escarpment, where cocktails await us deep in the bush. Soon the natural world is a dark velvet cape all around us with only the firelight and the stars in the ancient African sky to light the night. As the warmth of the African day gives way to the cool of evening, we experience a rare peace and beauty, and find ourselves at one with the land and her inhabitants.


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Early morning game drive, breakfast in the mid morning then depart for Nairobi, lunch en route. Hotel or airport transfer.



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